A Training for Teachers from All Traditions (via Zoom)


Friday-Sun, May 16-17, May 23-24, May 30-31

10-6 daily

In this 50 hour virtual Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, you will gain an understanding of the purpose and potential of Yoga Nidra, both as a powerful, beginner-friendly meditation technique and a state of consciousness. You will learn the foundational skills required to safely and effectively teach Yoga Nidra in the comfort of your own home, while diving deep into self-inquiry and your relationship to letting go.

Balancing theory and practice to provide an immersive experience, this training will provide a comprehensive introduction to: the ancient roots of Yoga Nidra, subtle body ‘anatomy,’ sankalpa for self-transformation, modern applications for sleep, stress relief, & PTSD, the science behind the stages of Yoga Nidra, trauma-informed teaching methodology, language, & voice pacing, preparatory practices, and student support skills to navigate common experiences.

Its benefits for reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality aside, Yoga Nidra offers a sacred portal that grants us access to an embodied experience of safety, well-being and letting go. Truly, Yoga Nidra is one of the most potent practices to share with your students during this unprecedented time of uncertainty. 

This is a perfect opportunity, both as a teacher and practitioner, to ground yourself in the art of yoga nidra.

*Two additional hours of optional group teaching mentorship to be scheduled following the training's completion. 

**This program can be taken as a standalone intensive or applied as 50 hours toward Wanderlust's 300hr advanced training.