Wanderlust’s unique yoga offering focuses on alignment and detail, coupled with a creative and progressive approach to sequencing. If you’ve experienced a Wanderlust class before, you’ll encounter a sense of familiarity here. And if you’re new, you’ll know you’ve found something extraordinary.



The Flow

The Flow classes are Wanderlust’s signature blend of attention to alignment and devotion to flow.  Expect inventive and thoughtful sequences of sun salutations, standing & seated postures, back bending and inversions - guided by a steady breath to heat the body and cool the mind.  Come to practice with equal amounts of humility, intensity and playfulness.  You will leave open in heart, body and mind.  



A carefully crafted, musically scored version of The Flow, which is a microcosm of the Wanderlust festival experience. Each class is a collaboration between one of our incredible teachers and an in-house DJ. This artful blend of sequence and music creates a one of a kind, soulful vinyasa experience.



Soul Revival, as the name implies, is all nourishment for the soul. Take a 1-hour serving of flow, lather it with 20 minutes of yin yoga (deep, intense stretching), and top it off with 10 minutes of sweet restoration. It’s the perfect way to renew mind, body, and spirit.


Additional Classes

The Hour 
A full hour of Wanderlusting.  This well-rounded, flow class is long enough to sate your yogic thirst - but not so long that you can’t stick around for a meditation class, a lecture on the second floor, or a glass of something up on the roofdeck. 

The Fixx 
A vigorous 45 minute flow class, the FIXX is a straight up shot of all the good stuff, set to a kick ass, carefully curated soundtrack. You will move, breathe, and sweat — community style.  This mashup of asana, pranayama, and nada yoga is radically fresh vinyasa krama. You will leave sated and fully fixxated.  Warning: This class is highly addictive and may result in recurrent bouts of Wanderlusting.

Flow Basics
These classes are perfect for those that are brand new to yoga, new to flow style yoga, or coming back from a hiatus or injury.  Classes include both flow and static postures, and though they don’t move quickly, students should come prepared to work! 

Holy Roller 
Baptised by sweat, born again on a lacrosse ball!  The first hour of class is a classic Hour flow.  Then you get a bag of self-bodywork tools, and for the next 30 minutes you will be guided through an exorcism of your personal stable of demons.  Deep tissue massage assists in releasing pain, opening locked muscles, and facilitating proper posture and quality sleep.  When you sell your next screenplay you can shell out for a Rolfing series - in the meantime, a group exorcism at Wanderlust will do just fine.

Prenatal Yoga
Just because you have a bun in the oven doesn’t mean you can’t still get your yoga on...In fact, Wanderlust Prenatal classes may be the perfect practice environment to celebrate your growing—physically, as well as emotionally—into a mother-to-be. You’ll find the ideal balance of pranayama, modified Vinyasa, strengthening poses, and plenty of restoratives, all tailored for you and your evolving pregnant body. Each class will help relieve common discomforts of pregnancy (back pain, sciatica, insomnia, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc.) in a supportive, practical “safe space.” Targeted focus on breath work and relaxation techniques calm the nervous system and are also vital training for childbirth! Open to all pregnant women, these classes bring both body and mind into balance during this time of life-giving transition and change. They provide a nurturing community for all mamas and their babies.

Kids Yoga
WanderKids is our version of mommy and me for older kids [3-7yrs]: Parents take The Hour class upstairs in The Haven, while your kid gets their yoga on in The Lab, the cozy room on the second floor. After class feel free to enjoy a special brunch with the entire family in the comfort of our beautiful cafe. The other option, of course, is to drop your child off for class and go home and take a very well-deserved catnap. Every parent know that kids are natural born yogis, and these playful classes help them to cultivate body-awareness and plant the seeds of healthy self-esteem. Eat. Play. Love.



Level 1
These classes - also known as Flow Basics - are perfect if you are brand new to yoga, new to flow style yoga, or coming back from a hiatus or injury. Classes include both flow and static postures.  Though they don’t move quickly, come prepared to move!

Level 1/2
Building upon the foundation of Level 1, Level 1/2 Wanderlust classes introduce more creativity in sequencing as well as more challenging transitions.  Basic principles of more advanced poses are introduced in a mindful and alignment-oriented way.  These classes are perfect for confident beginners and experienced practitioners who like a slightly less physically intense class.

Level 2
If you have been practicing consistently for 6 months to a year, Level 2 is for you. Postures that challenge your strength, stamina, balance and flexibility will be explored. Creative and more challenging sequences will also be introduced. At this level, a balance of guided and self practice will be offered. 

Level 2/3
Geared toward experienced practitioners, Level 2/3 classes explore more ‘advanced’ postures and increasingly creative transitions. A baseline for these classes is the ability to practice full wheel and headstand (or appropriate modifications) unassisted.  Most important of all, an int/adv level practitioner is willing to modify their practice from one day to the next according to what their body tells them is intelligent and safe.