The Find Your True Fork dinner series will showcase healthy, sustainable and ethical food choices through the lens of six influential chefs, spotlighting their own unique approach to mindful eating with themed dinners and food experiences. Gather, dine, explore and expand your palate and find the true fork that suits you.

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Featured Chefs

Anya Fernald - Sustainable
Thursday, May 18

Anya Fernald is the current Co-Founder and CEO of Belcampo, Inc., America's premier eco-conscious source for carnivores. Prior to this, Anya worked as a chef, a baker, and a cheesemaker, but left the kitchen behind to focus on advocacy and education for much of her career, including work at Live Culture Co., Food Craft Institute and Slow Food Nation. Anya has been a regular judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef since 2009.

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Jason Wrobel - Vegan
Sunday, June 4

Jason Wrobel is a world-renowned leader in organic raw vegan cuisine, culinary education and epicurean entertainment.  With a focus on radical simplicity and artful presentation, he imbues his ecstatic raw food creations with the energy of fresh, local, organic produce and the healing properties of raw superfoods, which have rendered his dishes hands-down favorites among celebrity clients, and regular folk alike. 

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Seamus Mullen - Paleo
Thursday, June 29

Seamus Mullen is an award-winning chef, restaurateur and author known for his inventive yet approachable Spanish cuisine. Seamus opened his first solo restaurant Tertulia in Manhattan in 2011, which was awarded two stars from The New York Times and was a finalist for the James Beard Foundation Award for Best New Restaurant. In 2013, he opened El Colmado, a Spanish tapas and wine bar, a food hall in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Seamus is also the creator of our own Wanderlust Cafe.

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Matthew Kenney - Raw
Thursday, July 13

Matthew Kenney graduated from the French Culinary Institute and, after working in upscale New York City kitchens, opened a number of his own highly regarded restaurants throughout the East Coast. He has earned several awards, including being named one of America’s Best New Chefs by Food and Wine Magazine and was twice nominated as a Rising Star Chef in America by the James Beard Foundation. Matthew operates culinary academies in Venice, CA; Belfast, ME; and Miami, FL in addition to an online academy.

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Kevin Callaghan - Southern
Thursday, July 27

Kevin is one of the nation’s leading advocates of sustainable food and local farms and the founder of Acme Food & Beverage Co. in Carrboro, NC. His work maintains deep connections to the traditional foodways at the heart of the honest food of the American South. For the second year in a row, Kevin has been named the Executive Chef of the Wanderlust Festivals. This year will also mark the opening of his second restaurant. 

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Meredith Klein - Ayurveda
Thursday, August 17

Meredith Klein, is a Los Angeles-based private chef, founder of Pranaful as well as a mindfulness teacher who is passionate about helping individuals experience radical transformation through the practices of meditation and healthy, mindful eating. She creates internationally-inspired, Ayurvedically-influenced organic cuisine, and offers nourishment education workshops and consultations and one-on-one mindfulness-based life coaching.

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