Yoga Nidra For Everyone: A Training for Teachers from All Traditions [50 training hrs] delivered on Zoom


About the event

In this 50 hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, you will gain an understanding of the purpose and potential of Yoga Nidra, both as a powerful, beginner-friendly meditation technique and a state of consciousness. You will learn foundational skills required to safely and effectively teach Yoga Nidra. This training will explore:
 ancient roots of Yoga Nidra
, subtle body ‘anatomy,’
 sankalpa for self-transformation
, modern applications for sleep, stress relief, & PTSD, 
the science behind the stages of Yoga Nidra, 
trauma-informed teaching methodology
, language & voice pacing
, preparatory practices
, and student support skills to navigate common experiences. ***This program can be taken as a standalone intensive or applied as 50 hours toward Wanderlust's 300hr advanced training and will be delivered by Zoom conference to comply with COVID-19 safety requirements***


Hilary Jackendoff

HILARY JACKENDOFF began studying Tantra, meditation & Yoga Nidra in 2008. She spent two years formally training while living at an ashram. Hilary is a Founding Teacher at The DEN Meditation and co-creator of its Meditation Teacher Training. Her teaching philosophy demystifies ancient wisdom, making it accessible, applicable, and fun.