SmartFLOW Advanced Practice: Deep and Safe


About the event

Can we explore and be specific? Can we be precise and playful? Smart and flow? Can Advanced-level Yoga practice be safe and therapeutic?

Join Annie on this 3-day adventure to examine your practice in a structurally precise and sound way, whilst journeying into some less-traveled paths.

  • Precise alignment
  • Heightened awareness
  • Assess risks quickly
  • Appropriate propping and adjusts
  • Balance flexibility with strength
  • Balance release with stability
  • Joyful, focused practice

Samasthithi: Balancing the Central Channel- This open master class on Friday morning will be a strong exploration of the spine and the movement of Prana through the sushumna as we move through all planes, and in all orientations.

Afternoons will be workshop labs exploring ever-deepening expressions of Movement Principles. Each day will begin with a strong practice and follow with afternoons assessing, propping, and hands-on assists. Each practitioner will examine her own edge, and explore the conditions needed to stay awake to that ever-evolving edge. This work is at once demanding, humbling and playful.

Friday's Master Class is included in the training cost and hours - but is not required for attendance in the intensive.

*This training provides 20 hours towards your Wanderlust Advanced Training or your SmartFLOW Advanced Training.  Looking for less? Join us for the Master Class only on Friday.


Annie Carpenter

Regarded as a “teachers’ teacher,” Annie Carpenter is the creator of SmartFLOW Yoga, an intelligent marriage of mindful movement with compassionate, wakeful alignment. Based in northern California, Annie creates practices that are at once advanced and challenging, yet safe and playful. An influential teacher trainer since 2003, Annie leads 200/500 trainings and workshops globally, and at 

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