Psoas Self Massage Party


About the event

The psoas are your deepest core muscles, connecting your spine to your legs. They are crucial for lower back health, breathing, digestion, and are deeply intertwined with your emotional state. This workshop has three parts: 15 minutes of anatomy, 60 minutes of yoga / movement, and 75 minutes of self massage. We will use balls, blankets, and Pso-Rite self massage tools to release the psoas from top to bottom. Deep abdominal work merges masochism with self love, and can be life changing if performed with patience and careful breath.


Jacob Laub

Jacob was a professional ballet dancer when he found yoga and realized what really matters is how movement feels from the inside, rather than how it looks from the outside. His teaching merges traditional hatha and vinyasa with his experiences in modern dance, Thai massage, qi gong, and physical therapy. His primary teachers are Schuyler Grant and his roommate Norm, a.k.a. Mr. Bones, who would like to remind you that your skeleton is a grown structure rather than a manufactured plastic one (like his), and that the only way to figure out what you’re working with is to get on your mat, close your eyes, and move your body.

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