Practice and the Art of Possibility


About the event

25 Hours, February 5th-9th, 1PM-6PM *Use Buy Tickets link above!

$700 for Full 5 days

$160 for Individual days *Sign up thru our Class Schedule!


How can we get out of our own way, and clear the way to new, as yet undiscovered possibilities? We will plumb the art of possibility by exploring a skillful use of play as an approach to problem solving and discovery. There are so many ways to make what seems impossible possible by thinking outside of the box, being creative, and cultivating a more fluid growth oriented mindset rather than a fixed and limiting mindset. This means we will have to give ourselves both space and permission to make mistakes, fail even, and by doing so learn the art of "how can I, or how might we?" as opposed to "can I, or can't I?" We will also look at what we mean by the word "alignment" and how best to live this concept. We will utilize some principles of basic biomechanics and movement analysis to help us live this question.

We will explore the following:

How to cultivate a sense of possibility in our own practice and in our work with our students. Open hearted acceptance and and a sense of possibility are not mutually exclusive. They work together beautifully. We will exlpore how.

We will unpack basic, intermediate and advanced poses and how to adapt or modify them so they are nourishing and accessible.

Explore novel movements and pose variations so that we cultivate variability and resilience in body and mind.

We will experiment with how to help our students (and ourselves) become better motor learners and gain greater physical autnomy.

Dive into some deep nourishing breath work and pranayama in ways that are most helpful in toning, nourishing and strengthening the nervous system.

We will engage in some yoga philosophy discussions and simple chanting (Julia Shaida will join us again!) to explore some of the other rich dimensions of practice.


Carrie Owerko

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