Opening The Sacred Portals to Energy Healing and Care of The Soul. with Dr. Bobby Klein


About the event

Working with and empowering your intuition

In working with Bobby he will help you gain the ability to move through the portal, into your parallel universe, the dimension where your guidance, stillness and wisdom are made available. Using meditation, breath and interactive dynamics, you will call on Universal Consciousness and Guidance to retrieve the pure memory of all that is good and pure of heart. It is in this place that our confidence of self reside, our co-dimension, where we connect in truth, to our inner sage and knowing. 
With processes and interaction you will learn to move in harmony with your innate intuitive force. When tuned and trained in trust, this inner force will carry you on the road toward abundance, love and the depth of your expanded consciousness. 

This is The Attunement of The Goddess and The Warrior 
In ritual and ceremony, we will honor, recognize and give wings to this sacred aspect of self. It is in sacred space where healing and enlightenment reside. This gathering, in time out of time, will be dedicated to the healing of body, mind and spirit consciousness. The work will serve to escort you into the time and place where you will ignite, at life’s loving altar, the remembrance of who you truly are: your clear and loving, limitless authentic self. 

In this seminar you will be opening inner doorways that have previously been blocked or not yet tapped. Here you will receive the keys to gain access, through depth meditation and other sacred technologies, to this readily available energy frequency. In The Work you will move into the sacred and High Energy aspects of your being where you will find truth, guidance, stillness and wisdom. By using meditation, breath and interactive dynamics you will activate the abilities for healing yourself and others and learn distant, or remote, healing techniques and practice. It is through this work you will find and enhance your purpose in these times on planet earth. 

Lunch Break from 1:00pm - 2:00pm 

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Dr. Bobby Klein

Dr. Bobby Klein is well known in Europe and the Americas as a multi dimensional healer, meditation teacher, life path counselor and therapist. Through his training with traditional healers and teachers, he has gained the ability to transfer a dynamic energetic life force that is accessed for healing of the body, mind and spirit. He is a light worker, intuitive spiritual guide and is also the translator and interpreter of the I Ching, followed world wide every week on 
The energy channels and the wisdom he imparts have been healing and life changing for his clients for over 40 years. His experiences and adventures have taken him on the winding road as successful rock and roll photographer in the late 1960 ́s for bands such as the Doors and Janis Joplin to being one of the first practicing acupuncturists in America and influential in its legalization and was the founder of the first Pain/acupuncture Clinic at UCLA.
In recent years Bobby has worked with a number of cutting-edge scientists to develop new models in bringing energy to the body for healing and rejuvenation. He holds U.S. patents that have led to the development of nano particles that acquire transient light and convert it to wavelengths that improve energy flow and circulation in the human body. 
At the present time Bobby is in Tulum, Mexico and is the director of Yäan Wellness Energy Spa where he continues with his successful practice as an intuitive psychologist and life path counselor.

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