About the event

+Kundalini Meditation

+Healing Breathwork

+Reiki Infused Soundbathe

New Moons are all about new beginnings, a symbolic time for setting intentions and planting seeds to create the kind of life you envision for yourself. However, we often hold onto old, unhealthy habits, patterns, false beliefs or stories about ourselves that prevent us from stepping into our full creative potential.


In this workshop, Briana will begin with a powerful Kundalini meditation that helps remove any perceived blocks we may have, get clear on our intentions, then hold them in our hearts and beam them out into the Universe. 

After the meditation, we'll gently transition into the breathwork, which is an active meditation in and of itself. The helps to shift us out of old, unhealthy patterns and addictions, open our hearts and release any trauma, grief or anger we may be storing in our cells.

We'll end the afternoon with a long, reiki infused soundbath led by the wonderfully talented Shehera Mocellin and Taylor Barnes that will calm and soothe your nervous systems.

Please bring a journal, something to write with, an eye cover (optional), and any crystals or items you'd like to take with you on this healing journey.



Briana Ryan

BRIANA RYAN is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Breathwork Teacher, Reiki Master, Holistic Nutrition + Lifestyle Coach, and Plant-Based Chef. Her commitment to these practices have been instrumental in Briana’s own healing process and personal growth, which is why she’s so passionate about sharing them with others. With Briana's gentle guidance and support, she helps bring awareness to any old, unhealthy habits or patterns that no longer serve us and teaches tools that help us create new ones that support our happiness + growth. These practices also help release any old, false beliefs we may be holding onto about ourselves, connect us deeply to our intuition + creativity, and allow us truly step into our full, creative potential allowing us to love ourselves more deeply and heal ourselves in mind, body and spirit. In this workshop, Briana is partnering with immensely talented sound healers, SHEHERA MOCELLIN + TAYLOR BARNES who use the ancient sounds of the gong, crystal bowls, the didgeridoo in their practice. Sound healing offers deep healing on a cellular level, cleansing negative energy and emotions, breaking old unwanted patterns of behavior and subconscious fears and resetting the physical, emotional and mental body into perfect peace and harmony.

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