Narrative Breathwork


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A guided meditation to transform the stories you tell yourself

Feeling stuck? Unfocused? Tired of telling yourself the same old story?

Join acclaimed Mortified creator, David Nadelberg for Narrative Breathwork, a guided meditation that channels your body’s two most powerful tools-- your breath and your imagination-- to help un-clutter your mind and rewrite the stories you tell yourself. Using a combination of systematic breathing, awesome music, and self-reflection, this unique experience offers participants a chance to step away from anxiety and illuminate goals by seeing their lives as stories. The result is a cathartic and powerful activity.

About the session: The session begins with a group discussion designed to help participants reconnect to memories which are then channeled as the group collectively enters a deep trance-like state set to music. Is it strange? Yes. Is it safe? Totally. Is it spiritual? That’s up to you. Will you like it? Find out why many already find this a transformative, fascinating and powerful experience.  All attendees will receive a copy of My Mortified Life: A Guided Journal.

Others are saying:  “I was blown away by the way our retreat participants responded to this workshop. Several came up to me afterwards and told me that hour changed their lives and many listed it in the surveys afterwards as their favorite part of the entire weekend, which was packed with activities. The breathwork combined with Dave’s natural charm made the nearly impossible happen: our guests were able to unearth incredibly difficult memories and experiences, and they told me about it while smiling.” - Anna David, Bestselling Author, Founder of Light Hustler



Dave Nadelberg, creator of Mortified

Utilizing his background-- 15 years helping people unlock their life stories as the founder of Mortified, a global storytelling project. He continues that mission through Narrative Breathwork, a powerful and fun tool for releasing the stories that no longer serve you.

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