Moonday in Taurus


About the event

Moonday in Taurus: This new moon circle is for women only. This earth signs influence will bring us into alignment with our inner riches. This ritual is a time for a reset of the nervous system that quiets the external noise so to hear the subtle hum from within. We will steep in a ritual of romancing the Self. The astrological insight will direct us into our month to come and the ceremony of releasing and setting intention will move us closer to the dream we want to live as our reality. 

Moondays is a new moon circle for women. We will gather for tea and move from there into a womb like atmosphere that will hold us in circle. We will open to the four directions and into a themed meditation to connect our hearts. Talking stick ritual, astrological insight, mudra, mantra, release & invoke ceremony will sweetly encompass our circle.

What can attendees expect? They can expect community through sisterhood. We will be practicing mantra and mudra, meditation, ritual and ceremony. We will be informed through astrological insight and with consistent attendance, participants will experience a personal psychological unfolding and witness their dreams coming becoming reality.

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Kate Thorson and Jana Roemer

Kate Thorson & Jana Romer hold the lantern to light the path to the mysteries of moon magic. These two moonsisters have been facilitating new moon circles for several years offering astral insight and ritual to each gathering. They are long time yoginis and found the power of manifestation works best when set into intention on the days closest to the new moon. Sitting in a circle casted by Kate & Jana brings a feeling of healing renewal and a deep sense of knowing that future dreams are absolutely a reality that can be lived.

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