Love Sex Relationship Magic with Bryan Reeves

/ Show: 10AM
Saturday, Jun 24, 2017
Sunday, Jun 25, 2017
$197.00- $250.00

About the event

In this 2-day workshop, you will discover why intimate relationships are so uniquely challenging and why your partner seems so perfectly designed to trigger all your deepest insecurities, pain and fear.

Among other insights, you'll finally learn exactly why men (and sometimes women) emotionally check out of relationships even when they physically stay – and more importantly, what to do about it.

In this workshop, you’ll get to the root of what frustrates and often sabotages your relationship experiences, despite your best intentions. 

As we dive into the fascinating world of masculine and feminine dynamics, you’ll finally understand your own motivations and longings, as well as those of the sex you’re attracted to.

You’ll be amazed to discover how simple awareness of these dynamics can completely transform your relationship experience.


ATTN TO ONE LUCKY COUPLE : We are offering one set of VIP tickets which will include a 1-on-1 session following the workshop with Bryan himself - (Price includes the workshop and dinner - $400) 

Attendees can expect:

» To practice simple, safe techniques to create intimacy and attraction.
» To explore what it means to offer heart-connected masculine presence to a partner.
» To explore what it means to embrace the emotional depths of feminine being (in yourself and others).
» To learn a powerful technique to help overcome limiting beliefs that sabotage relationships.
» How to avoid resentment that kills long-term relationships.
» To explore the essential importance of your authentic self in relationship and how honoring your deepest truths is the key to creating the intimacy you desire.
» And whatever else comes up.


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