Local Cuisine Pop-Up Dinner with Chef Kevin Callaghan at the Find Your True Fork Dinner Series


About the event

Join chef Kevin Callaghan, nation’s leading advocates of sustainable food and local farms and the founder of Acme Food & Beverage Co. in Carrboro, NC., for part five of our Find Your True Fork dinner series showcasing healthy, sustainable, ethical food choices. 

Gather, dine, explore and expand your palate and find the true fork that suits you.


What To Expect: 

Local, handcrafted menu by Executive Chef, Kevin Callagan

Community style dining

Wine provided by Bonterra Vinyards

Tea Bar by Organic India 

Appetizers by Lundburg  

Specialty Cocktails by Neocell


Food is the second most important part of chef Kevin Callaghan’s job. The first, he’ll tell you, is people.

Once he was ready to strike out on his own, he knew that creating a sense of community and shared values around food were paramount. He built Acme with that in mind. “One of the big mistakes we make is we think of food as just feeding our body, but it’s really something greater than that.” He harkened back to meals growing up. His father had polio and was confined to a wheelchair, so the family saw meals as the time to connect with each other. Recreating an intentional space like that was important to Kevin.

And so, of course, was the food. To create his seasonal Southern fare, Kevin visits the Carrboro farmers market, just half a mile from the restaurant, as often as possible. “Buying a bag of Brussels sprouts from a farmer and then serving it for dinner at night, it feels deeper. You have a human connection, and that’s profound.” Getting to know the farmers not only creates a community around food, it also results in better food—better for the farmers, for the chefs, for the consumers, for the earth. That’s true whether you’re cooking for four hundred people in one night or your family on a Tuesday. Your food is part of a bigger system, a wider net.

“Food, when it’s at its best, is a narrative. It tells you a story,” says Kevin.



Group discounts and tickets to complete dinner series also available. 





Kevin is one of the nation’s leading advocates of sustainable food and local farms and the founder of Acme Food & Beverage Co. in Carrboro, NC. His work maintains deep connections to the traditional foodways at the heart of the honest food of the American South. For the second year in a row, Kevin has been named the Executive Chef of the Wanderlust Festivals. This year will also mark the opening of his second restaurant. 

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