Golden Bridge Choir

Season Pass $240, Intro Sessions $15 Each

About the event

Join us in the ancient tradition of community building through song as we explore rhythms, harmonies, chants and songs from around the world using our voices to create harmony within ourselves and the world around us. We work in the oral tradition, learning by call and response, thereby making the music accessible to beginners and experienced singers alike. 

Being bathed in the vibrations of these beautiful songs relieves tension and creates a sense of well being that resonates in the body lasting far beyond the moment . Come raise your voices with us and experience the deep, healing power of singing in community.

Newcomers and beginners are welcome! No sight reading is necessary.

Intro Session: $15 per Intro Session (closed)
****First 2 weeks are open to newcomers,  January 8th & 15th. If you decide to join after the first or second week, you can then pay the remaining balance for the season

16 Sunday rehearsals culminating in a concert May 7th

Full Season Pass: $240 (ticket closed)


Available for purchase $210 for season pass through March 5th, 2017




Golden Bridge Choir with Maggie Wheeler & Emile Hassan Dyer

Maggie Wheeler is best know in the U.S and internationally for her work as an actress in film , television and voice-over and most notably as the character of Janice on NBC’s hit series Friends. In 2006 she co-founded The Golden Bridge Community Choir with the belief that singing is a universal birthright, and that together, regardless of musical background, we can help improve the world by joining our voices in song . Alongside her acting career Maggie has been blessed to follow her soul mission as a singer, song writer, choir director and workshop facilitator. She been teaching her vocal workshop "Singing In The Stream" in and out of Los Angeles for over 20 years . Both the workshop and choir provide the experience of creating interpersonal harmony and internal harmony through the powerful act of creating vocal harmony. Maggie is honored to bring the choir experience to Wanderlust Hollywood.

Emile Hassan Dyer is a vocalist/ multi-percussionist/choreographer/ dancer. He was raised in France and Senegal where he was influenced at an early age by the rhythms and music of West Africa. Emile brings a multicultural perspective to music, drawing on his Cherokee and African heritages while performing the percussion instruments and vocal styles of many cultures. He has worked with such luminaries as: Babatunde Olatunji, Bobby McFerrin, Kevin Locke, Titos Sompas, David Darling, Glen Velez and Jim Scott, as well as Art Baron of the Duke Ellington Big Band. Emile uses vocal and body percussion as well as drums from around the world and extensive vocalese in his musical creations.

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