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Clear it Out: Fire Flow + Breathwork + Soundbath

Erin Ward
Tue. May 1 - 7:30PM

It’s mid-April, Spring is here, everything is great…right? Maybe. And maybe not. Whatever is going on for you, whatever might be present, this 2 hour experience aims to shake you up from the inside. Step on to the mat to move and sweat through a fiery flow that will create space and strength in the body. After we create the shift, we’ll use Ecstatic Breathwork to dive deeper into the subconscious mind, unwinding and untethering through the prolonged breath rhythm.


Psoas Self Massage Party

Jacob Laub
Sat. May 5 - 10:00AM

The psoas are your deepest core muscles, connecting your spine to your legs. They are crucial for lower back health, breathing, digestion, and are deeply intertwined with your emotional state. This workshop has three parts: 15 minutes of anatomy, 60 minutes of yoga / movement, and 75 minutes of self massage. We will use balls, blankets, and Pso-Rite self massage tools to release the psoas from top to bottom. Deep abdominal work merges masochism with self love, and can be life changing if performed with patience and careful breath.


Golden Bridge Choir

Golden Bridge Choir with Maggie Wheeler & Emile Hassan Dyer
Sun. May 6 - 12:30PM

The Golden Bridge Community Choir is a non-auditioned inter-generational choir and a member of the Ubuntu Choirs Network. We join in the ancient tradition of community building through song as we explore rhythms , harmonies , chants and songs from around the world.

Ubuntu choirs seek to create a world in which we listen deeply to those around us, celebrate diversity, trust in our voices and bring them forward on behalf of harmony, justice and peace.

Special Event

Golden Bridge Choir Spring Concert - Brand New Day

Golden Bridge Choir with Maggie Wheeler & Emile Hassan Dyer
Sun. May 6 - 3:00PM

Join us for the Golden Bridge Choir's 24rd concert “  BRAND NEW DAY " 

The choir, now in its 13th year, is a Los Angeles based, inter-generational, non-auditioned community choir specializing in joyful and exuberant harmonies from around the world. There will be opportunities for the audience to join the choir in song!

This is a benefit concert for the Hanna family to help them rebuild after the loss of beloved husband and father Cause Hanna and subsequently the loss of their home in the Thomas fire. 


Soulstrology Workshop with Ambi

Ambi Sitham
Sat. May 19 - 1:30PM

Come learn how to work with the lunar cycles with this special workshop with Ambi, the founder of Soulstrology.

Soulstrology differs from traditional astrology as rather than predicting the future, it teaches how to co-create it with the cosmos.

During this two hour workshop Ambi will teach how to use new and full moons as cosmic windows of opportunity and to work with them to manifest our desires and to release what doesn’t serve us.


Embodying the Spine

Justine Malick
Sun. May 20 - 2:00PM

Movement is medicine. 

If we want to move into postures/experiences with ease, then we must be clear on where we are moving FROM. What is neutral? What is ‘home’?

In the first half of this 2.5 hour workshop, we will use movement to explore the spine - its neutral alignment, its capacity for multi-directional movement, and its propensity to illuminate where we are in space. In the second half, we will explore and integrate these principles into a flow practice, concluding with a bit of yin & sweet restoration.


Tapping Into Intimacy

Jennifer Partridge
Wed. May 23 - 7:00PM

Do you desire to have deeper connections and feel more love with the people and world around you? Do you ever shut down, hide your heart, or feel uncomfortable with human intimacy? If so, then this Tapping workshop is just for you. Join Jennifer Partridge as she guides you into releasing your fears surrounding human connection. Come and join us, as we embrace our fears with love, and discover the deep connection we all truly desire.


Area’s of focus include:

1. Release your fear of rejection, being seen and showing up fully


Flow Foundations: A Four Week Introduction to Vinyasa

Donovan McGrath
Tue. May 15 - 7:00PM / Tue. May 22 - 7:00PM / Tue. May 29 - 7:00PM / Tue. June 5 - 7:00PM

Tuesdays May 14, May 22, May 29 and June 5


$24 individually, $80 for all 4 sessions


It is never too late to work on the foundation of your yoga practice! Over 4 weeks, you will learn and refine the key ingredients of a vinyasa class at Wanderlust Hollywood. This series is perfect for brand new beginners and anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the most common yoga poses and how they fit together to form flow style yoga. 


Come curious, you will leave inspired!



Courage to Create Change

Jennifer Partridge
Tue. June 26 - 7:00PM

Are their areas in your life you wish to change, yet you feel scared about taking the leap? If so, then this Tapping Workshop is just for you. Join Jennifer Partridge as she guides you into releasing fear, procrastination and stagnation so that you may live the life of your wildest dreams. Together you will be dared to think big, to be courageous and to take a leap into the unknown... What you will discover is a life deeply fulfilling and nourished by your highest expression.


Areas of focus include:

1. Release subconscious fears that hold you back


Power and Purpose

Jennifer Partridge
Tue. July 17 - 7:00PM

There is a power inside of you that wants to be expressed. Do you feel it? Do you sometimes hide your light incase you fail, or are you worried that others may laugh, or put you down? Or do you often get overwhelmed with "trying" to live your purpose? Blast through all your insecurities using tapping, as we power up, bring the substance of joy and ease into our expression and step out and show the world why we are here! No more excuses, just love!


Here is what you will enjoy:

- A Tapping Session: Stepping into your true power and purpose

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