Emotional Resiliency through TRE: A Somatic Therapy Oriented Movement Workshop Series


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February 23, March 2, March 9, March 16, March 23

Individual Sessions: $50 

Join Anahita Parseghian for a transformative journey into the heart of Emotional Resiliency through movement.

Emotional Resiliency is the cornerstone of our wellbeing. Our health, wellness, joy, and success in life are dependent on our capacity to remain calm and grounded in the face of everyday challenges. Our ability to respond to our environment in a manner that inspires peace, creativity, productivity, and connection is directly linked to our capability to regulate our nervous system and command our emotional responses.

This workshop series that will teach you how to:

● Embody the skills for responding effectively to challenging situations

● Improve your ability to bounce back from obstacles

● Utilize your nervous system’s innate tremors to release tension, stress, and trauma

● Utilize body presence to promote positive neuroplasticity

● Develop a sustainable state of calm and well-being


TRE (Tension, Trauma, and Stress Release Exercises) is a somatic therapy technique that utilizes your body’s innate neurogenic tremors to release the impact of tension, stress, and trauma from the cellular memory of the body. This workshop series is designed to teach you how to live in harmony with your environment, develop full body presence, regulate your stress responses, and ultimately develop sustainable Emotional Resiliency. The principles of Emotional Resiliency will help you become your own healer by teaching you the techniques to combat stress and emotional overwhelm. Join us for one session to experience the therapeutic tremors or join us for the series to learn the skill to integrate into your personal wellness practice. A minimum of 3 sessions are required to learn TRE for personal practice. This practice is suitable for everyone with the exception of individuals with brain implants and pregnant women. Come shake your stress away with us!


Anahita Parseghian

Anahita Parseghian is the founder of Brain Mastery, a Certified Neuroplasticity & Pain Coach, and a Certified TRE Facilitator. After suffering from debilitating chronic pain for many years without any real diagnosis, she left her thriving career in the technology sector and committed herself to healing her own body. She was able to heal her body through a combination of neural reprogramming and somatic therapy by addressing the impact of stress and trauma on both the mind and the body, she has since dedicated herself to helping others reprogram their brain and nervous system for a fulfilling, successful, stress-free, pain-free, and joyous life.

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