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"Scene and be Seen” - April 21th 8pm-10:30 pm
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Club culture meets spirituality. DreamWeavers is a HIGH VIBE party celebrating life through yoga, meditation, dance and sound healing. Unleash your creativity, connect in commUNITY and experience your divinity! See you on the dance floor!

DreamWeavers hosts: Dance of Liberation founder, Parashakti, Indigo Lab founder, Kjord and Golden Bridge Senior Teacher, Normandie, alongside their team of DreamHealers, lead a transformational journey through the mind/body/spirit (or soul). Live DJ and live sound healing instruments are specially curated to craft and enhance the overall experience. Guided visualizations, intention work and specialized movement through yoga and dance re-connect experiencers back to their source of authenticity, strength and truth.

Attendees will be guided through a transformational experience of the mind/heart and body with guided meditations, yoga, dance and sound healing. Music guides the vision quest of this experience as the yoga and part of the dance is done with eyes closed / blindfold.

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Parashakti, Normandie Keith & Kjord Davis

Parashakti - Founder

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Parashakti fell in love with the power of dance as a form of self-expression in her childhood.  After serving in the army’s entertainment troupe, she moved to the United States. Parashakti was introduced to many different ancient modalities of movement therapy. These profound teachings led her to develop the methodology known as Dance of Liberation™.  Her commitment to clients’ well-being led Parashakti to subsequently develop, as well, SoulHealing®, private intuitive healing sessions. She has drawn on this modality to work closely and extensively with many clients who are striving to overcome forms of addiction. Parashakti has worked with over 10,000 clients from around the world and led workshops, retreats and teacher trainings at some of the world’s leading holistic centers. She is both the subject and co-producer of a full-length documentary: Dance of Liberation, with the Wolper Organization, at Warner Brothers.


Normandie Keith - Founder

Normandie has lived all over the world as a model. She parlayed her love of truth and beauty into a journalistic career as Beauty Editor for YOU Magazine in London, England. Teaching her readers to project their true essence into their daily lives so that their presence heals.  Her spiritual quest involved journeys into Kabbalah, Buddhism, Shamanism, the Native American culture, Judaism, and Catholicism. She finally found her home when she landed at Golden Bridge Yoga in California where she discovered her true calling of being a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Golden Bridge provided her with the teachings of the Master Yogi Bhajan and her life is now dedicated to elevation and being of service to all. Normandie specializes in prenatal and women's classes, helping to unlock that divine grace that lives in us all. Normandie's mission is to give all men and women the tools in which to live powerfully, peacefully, purely, radiating health and happiness in this Aquarian age.


Kjord Davis- Founder

An L.A. transplant from Salt Lake City Utah in 2001, Kjord initially took great pleasure in his successful career in the entertainment and fashion industries, along with corporate leadership roles and thriving in night-life. Something was missing, however -- and from the moment he experienced his very first Kundalini Yoga class he began to discover what it was:  a profound inner realignment and an experience of his most authentic self.  Over the years, motivated by the passion to share the gifts of Kundalini Yoga with the Los Angeles community,  he became a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga instructor and the founder of Indigo Lab LA, the flourishing yoga studio whose goal is to support and nourish the awakening of all who find their way to the doors of its classes. He is now also the lead Senior Teacher of the Kundalini Programs at Wanderlust.  Kjord has a deep belief in the power of Kundalini to awaken both positive personal transformation -- and a positive change in our world, one heart beat and one breath at a time.

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