Discover and Live Your Life Purpose EFT Workshop with Jennifer Partridge

/ Show: 7PM
Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017

About the event

Discover and Live Your Life Purpose EFT Workshop with Jennifer Partridge

Join Jennifer Partridge, expert Emotional Freedom Techniques / Tapping coach as she supports you in releasing limiting thoughts, emotional patterns and self sabotage so you may live your life purpose and power.

When we think about our life purpose, we may either feel it out of reach or think it is too hard to achieve. But if it’s in us, then it is there for a reason. Join Jennifer Partridge in this explosive Tapping / EFT workshop designed to light you up and to live your life purpose!

EFT / Tapping is a self healing modality that works with the body, mind and spirit.

By stimulating meridian points and bringing love to your fears, Tapping can help you change pain and self doubt to possibility and potential. 

Your Tapping Session will include:

Get clarity on your life purpose, what it is and how it looks
Release self doubt, unworthiness and self sabotage 
Recognize the guiding posts through out your life pointing you to your purpose
Learn your souls ways of guiding you to success through feeling
Magnify & activate more of what feels good
Relax into grace as you watch it unfold

The nights power session will be as follows:

60 minutes of Tapping
Embodiment exercises to activate your power
Movement integration
Guided meditation and sound journey

Is this for you? These are the pre-requisites :

You want to kick of 2017 with power and purpose
You are done with struggling to find opportunities
You want to feel powerful and courageous in moving your dreams forward
You are ready to transition out of work that does not serve you
You want to create with more joy and fun
Your ready to let go of self doubt and excuses and fear of failure

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Jennifer Partridge

Jennifer Partridge, author of “Dream Awake” is internationally renowned as a facilitator in human potential. She has spent over ten years studying ancient texts that point to the process of healing and spiritual evolution. She has traveled to remote monasteries and sacred sites across the globe, learning from various ancient cultures and traditions in India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, Australia, and the U.S.A. She is an expert Emotional Freedom Technique facilitator as well as an Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga teacher.

Jennifer teaches workshops and retreats surrounding the art of tapping (E.F.T) and transformation. Her events support many topics from; relationships, purpose, success, healing trauma, assisting change, addictive patterns, creative expression and spiritual evolution.

Her keen interest in transformation inspires Jennifer to incorporate many modalities she has studied (along with Yoga and Tapping) from Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Mantras, Ecstatic Dance as well as work from NLP and Tony Robbins.

In 2011 Jennifer released her book, Dream Awake, and was the opening act for don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements in a multi-city campaign around Colombia. In this launch Jennifer worked with a translator in sharing her message to the Spanish speaking audience.

Jennifer has been featured on T.V. shows, documentaries, radio shows, live events and retreats. With her media company Our New Earth, she scripted, hosted and produced over 100 radio shows for stations such as KCSB FM & KLAS FM, produced T.V. content such as RAW, How to heal through raw, living foods featured on Oasis T.V, Time Warner, Wisdom of the World, a documentary describing the ancient wisdom of India and The Voice, a best selling documentary discussing high states of consciousness.

Jennifer has worked closely with Veria T.V. as a repeat guest on The Lisa Oz Show as well as being featured on the T.V. series Natural Healing Saved My Life.

As a journalist and researcher Jennifer has had the opportunity of interviewing the industries best in motivation, spirituality and health from visionaries such as N.Y. Times best sellers Gregg Braden, David Wolfe, Michael Beckwith, Shiva Rea, and celebrities such as Will.I.Am from The Black Eyed Peas.

​​Her passion and love to teach at large scale festivals and retreats, has landed her at places such as Harmony Festival, Lightning In A Bottle, Wanderlust, Humanitarian NBA at the Staples Center, Lucidity Festival, Bhakti Festival, Moksha Festival amongst others.

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