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Prop Shop

Matt Phippen
Sun. January 20 - 11:00AM

Blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, and chairs are all designed to augment the ways we experience Yoga postures.

This 3 hr workshop is meant to 1) improve your understanding of commonly used props, 2) help you find more depth in postures, and increase better alignment in your body, 3) show variations and techniques to create ease and comfort in more challenging postures, and 4) give you the tools to create your own personal home practice.

All levels welcome.

*Sign up for PropShop and attend Matt's 9AM Class for Free!


Tap Into Your Life Purpose

Jennifer Partridge
Tue. January 22 - 7:00PM

This event will sell out, buy your ticket now!

When we think about our life purpose, we may either feel it out of reach or think it is too hard to achieve. But if it’s in us, then it is there for a reason. Join Jennifer Partridge in this explosive Tapping / EFT workshop designed to light you up and to live your life purpose!

Special Event

Deep House Deep Devotion Yoga

The 333 Yoga
Fri. January 25 - 7:30PM

The 333 welcomes you to join Danielle Karuna & a.k.a. Rahim for the next installment of Deep House Deep Devotion Yoga. We are excited for the first installment of 2019 to land this month in the Greatest Place at Wanderlust, Hollywood.

To kick off the New Year we are setting our focus this month on "Intention".


New Moon Soulstrology Soundbath

Ambi Sitham
Fri. February 1 - 8:00PM

Come join us for a Soulstrology Soundbath to welcome the month of February and to celebrate the forthcoming New Moon in Aquarius.

Before the Soundbath Ambi will offer a short explanation of the celestial energies of the month ahead as well as practical details of how each of us can work with the New Moon and other cosmic energies to our advantage.

Soak up some cosmic consciousness before lying back and settling in for a deeply healing, reiki infused soundbath meditation. 


Rock Your Bliss : A Bliss Immersion

Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr
Sat. February 16 - 12:30PM

Join the founders of Rock Your Bliss, Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr, for an afternoon immersion of radical life design, a sweaty yet soulful yoga practice and authentic, connected community.

We will ground into our values and talk embodiment. We will get clear on how we are currently showing up and how we want to. 

We get one chance to live our lives so let’s design one that is full to the brim with intentionality, purpose and bliss. 

This is where intention meets action.

Special Event

Mortified LA February 2019

Dave Nadelberg, creator of Mortified
Sat. February 16 - 6:00PM

Mortified LA returns to Wanderlust Hollywood. Experience a night of food, drink, diaries, and laughter.  Mortified (getmortified.com) features adults share the embarrassing things they created as kids-- diaries, love letters, lyrics, poems, home movies-- in front of total strangers. Since 2002, Mortified has been helping audiences "share the shame" through stage shows running in 20 cities worldwide (LA to DC to Dublin), a podcast, a documentary on Netflix, public radio, and books.  Visit Mortified at getmortified.com.


Special Event

Mortified LA February 2019 2nd Show

Dave Nadelberg, creator of Mortified
Sat. February 16 - 9:00PM


"A cultural phenomenon!" - Newsweek 

"Funny, touching & intensely relatable!" - Wired 

"These readings capture just how wrong-headed we were as teenagers" - This American Life


Build your #SOULEmpire | Transformational Workshop with #SOULSHIFT

Tue. February 19 - 7:30PM

We all have big goals, dreams and desires that we are striving to attain in the material world, but first we need to lay the groundwork and building blocks from our inner world. In this workshop you will discover what you truly value and how you can transform your life from the inside out.  You will discover more purpose, clarity and direction to get to your #soul destination. We will help you reconnect with yourself, get to the depth of the real you and work #soulward out to build your #SOULEmpire.


Breathwork + Sound

Erin Telford + Sara Auster
Fri. February 22 - 7:00PM

Join Erin Telford and Sara Auster for their signature group healing event - Breathwork + Sound.  Nurture and cleanse your emotional body with Breathwork followed by a deeply immersive and meditative experience of sound.

Breathwork is an active self-healing meditation technique that uses the breath to emotionally detox the body. The experience moves stuck energy and facilitates release of strong emotions like anger and sadness. It connects you to your intuition and leaves you feeling softer, open, and less burdened.


Tapping Into Self Love

Jennifer Partridge
Tue. February 26 - 7:00PM


Do you sometimes judge yourself, are too critical or find it hard to love all parts of you? If so, then it sounds like you need a big dose of self-love. Join Jennifer Partridge in her Emotional Freedom Techniques / Tapping workshop, as she guides you into loving all of you. Discover how amazing you are and let the love in.

Is this for you? Here are some pre-requisites:

* You find yourself doubting your potential


Mercury Retrograde Soulstrology Soundbath

Ambi Sitham
Fri. March 1 - 8:00PM

Come join us for a Soulstrology Soundbath to welcome the month of March and to prepare mind, body and soul for the first Mercury Retrograde of 2019. 

Soak up some cosmic consciousness on the forthcoming Mercury retrograde and New Moon (both in Pisces) before lying back and settling in for a deeply healing, reiki infused soundbath meditation. 

Allow the sounds of carefully curated crystal bowls, planetary gongs and chimes help you to relax, release and receive.


New Moon Soulstrology Soundbath

Ambi Sitham
Fri. April 5 - 8:00PM

Come join us to celebrate the powerful New Moon in Aries with a Soulstrology Soundbath.

Ambi will open the Soundbath with a short lecture decoding the Aries New Moon and how best each of us can work with the celestial energies in the month of April.

Following the lecture lie back and allow yourself to drift off into a deep healing meditation as Ambi performs a reiki infused soundbath with a carefully curated selection of planetary gongs, quartz crystal bowls and chimes, clearing your energy field and aligning your chakras, helping you to relax, release and receive.

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