Ayurveda Pop-Up Dinner with Chef Meredith Klein at the Find Your True Fork Dinner Series


About the event

Join chef Meredith Klein, a Los Angeles-based private chef, founder of Pranaful as well as a mindfulness teacher who is passionate about helping individuals experience radical transformation through the practices of meditation and healthy, mindful eating, for the final dinner of our Find Your True Fork dinner series showcasing healthy, sustainable, ethical food choices. 


Gather, dine, explore and expand your palate and find the true fork that suits you.


What To Expect: 


Ayurveda, handcrafted menu by Executive Chef, Meredith Klein

Community style dining

Wine provided by Bonterra Vinyards

Tea Bar by Organic India 

Appetizers by Lundburg  


Growing up in Texas, Meredith Klein was the kid no one wanted to trade lunches with. “We were healthy for Texas,” Meredith jokes. “We did wheat bread.” More than just healthy, Meredith’s lunches reflected her mother’s global upbringing. She’d pack an Indian dish for Meredith one day, and a Southeastern Spanish one the next—hardly the standard cafeteria fare for an eight-year-old.

Once Meredith went off college, she reverted to the typical American 20-something diet. Hello, boxed mac-and-cheese. But her newfound dietary freedom came at a cost. She started experiencing digestion issues and vitamin deficiencies. “I just wasn’t feeling great,” she remembers. Then in 2006 Meredith moved to Berkeley to pursue a PhD. “Suddenly there was all this amazing local, organic food around me.” She spent her days looking forward to getting back to her kitchen at night, and developed a new passion for cooking and nutrition. To address her lingering health issues, she decided to give veganism a shot.

At the same time she started a yoga practice. One of her first yoga teachers was also an Ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurveda, an ancient approach to health and wellness developed thousands of years ago by the sages of India, emphasizes balancing the energy of the mind, body, and spirit. (For a more detailed explanation of Ayurveda, see page 000.) After learning about the balancing properties of certain foods and spices, Meredith started incorporating them in her cooking. Ayurveda teaches an individualized approach to wellness, since no two of us are exactly the same. By figuring out which foods and spices were best for her, Meredith began feeling better, no longer noticing the effects of her vitamin deficiency or digestion troubles.

“I had gone out to study sociology in the PhD program, but became way more passionate about yoga and Ayurveda,” Meredith says. She left the program and launched into a new career combining her love of yoga and mindful eating. She continues this work as a caterer, private chef, and mindfulness teacher, and brings the ancient healing principles of Ayurveda to all that she does.

But she isn’t dogmatic in her approach. Instead, she encourages listening to our bodies and going with what’s going to make us feel our best. “It’s all about empowerment,” says Meredith. “We live in a time when a lot of people feel disempowered by their food, or by the messages they get from their food. Food is our lifeblood, our medicine. I want to empower people to eat well by giving them the tools and the encouragement to be more mindful.”





Group discounts and tickets to complete dinner series also available. 







Meredith Klein, is a Los Angeles-based private chef, founder of Pranaful as well as a mindfulness teacher who is passionate about helping individuals experience radical transformation through the practices of meditation and healthy, mindful eating. She creates internationally-inspired, Ayurvedically-influenced organic cuisine, and offers nourishment education workshops and consultations and one-on-one mindfulness-based life coaching.

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