Are You Ready To Let Go...? Creative Cleanse with Joanna Little and Kjord Davis


About the event

CREATIVE CLEANSE is a gentle three-day cleanse that will purge toxins, minimize stress, and release creative energy. CC offers a full menu of delicious, nutritious, vegan living foods plus a 24 hour juice feast. Come together in conscious community to gain insight, knowledge and tips on nutrition, health and wellness. We will integrate ancient practices and modern wisdom to assist you on your path to releasing what no longer serves you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Registration ends 1/22. All ticket sales are final. 

A cleanse organizer will contact you after registration with specific details. 

Creative Cleanse includes: 72 hour nourishing fuel including: teas, smoothies, salads, soups and snacks • 4 yoga classes • Specialized Meditations • Self care package • Intention and journal work 


Joanna Little and Kjord Davis with special guests Clio and Normandie

Kjord Davis is an LA transplant form SLC Ut, who has spent the majority of his life in leadership roles guiding teams of people as well as individuals to meet great accomplishments!  Kjord’s passion lies in celebrating and honoring the human experience and sharing technologies and traditions to align to ones highest purpose.   Yoga, meditation and conscious living are Kjord’s mainstays as he has spent many years running a yoga business and delving into yoga, spiritual and astrological science.   His passion is to awaken the inner teacher, the inner guru of his students.   Kjord holds fast to the fact that are all unique expressions of an undivided universe and what works for one might not be true for another. His passion is to unite us in our similarities of being human and by that mutual common ground, we can celebrate our vast and unique differences.  Kjord is excited to be part of this physical, energetic and psychic cleanse to awaken us to a new year of unlimited creative consciousness.

Jo Little experienced her first seven-day water fast in Thailand back in 2004, she has gone on to work with various cleansing techniques and discovered valuable insights into the art of letting go. In 2011 after a serious health challenge Jo left the fast paced world of touring with bands and producing festivals. She went to live at the Optimum Health Institute where she immersed herself in the healing world of cleansing, releasing and detoxifying the body and mind, deep to the core  Jo’s cleanses use creativity as a tool to discovery and uses her background in Cranial Sacral Unwinding and bodywork therapies to access the psychosomatic blockages we hold in our bodymind. Over the last 4 years Jo’s approach to cleansing has helped many to create a shift in their life, encouraging people to dive deep and play in the energy of creation to realize their full potential.

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