$45 - $75

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12PM - 2PM each day

$45 for one part / $75 for both parts

December 31st, Part 1: Making Space For Grace

In order to receive true nourishment, we have to make space. What are you ready to complete? What are you willing to more fully digest? Where in your life is it time to let go of the past and make room for something new to bloom? This workshop can stand alone or be taken in a potent pairing with the New Year's Day workshop, Anchoring A Thriving 2020. Through a playful guided combination of meditation, Ecstatic Breathwork, and contemplation, we will digest 2019 and prior to make room for what is Possible.

January 1st, Part 2: Anchoring A Thriving 2020

Grace makes the impossible possible. Skillful self-effort draws Grace. What are you willing to be in 2020? How are you willing to feel? What are you willing to be a full YES to in 2020 and beyond? The most consistent inner feeling states are actively shaping what comes into our lives. Many times, we get so caught up in doing that we miss the power center - the inner state we are BEING. In this fast-paced workshop, through meditation, Ecstatic Breathwork, and contemplation, we will anchor your most coherent intentions into compass points.


Scott Schwenk

Playfully referring to himself as a “meditation whisperer”, Scott’s classes are a blend of stillness, unexpected expansion, laughter, discovery and potent actionable insights for a awakening inner journey and a thriving outer life.

Always a hybrid of laser-like practicality and the cutting-edge visionary insight, Scott has been meditating, studying, and working with catalyzing the inner expansion and leadership development of individuals, relationships, and larger groups for over 25 years.

Along the way, Scott’s entire life has been graced by gifted and venerated mentors, teachers, and guides. Among them, he honors David Elliott for reintroducing him to breathwork and taking him through an exacting 9-year apprenticeship in human and universal energy dynamics, over 20 years of mentoring and training as a meditation teacher under master meditation teacher Sally Kempton.

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