Hello Wanderlusters,

We hope this message finds you well - or as well as can be expected given the times.  There’s no question that we are experiencing a collective state of shock and mourning at the current state of the world. But we also believe that life’s unwanted challenges push us — usually unwillingly — towards reflection and growth. This has been true for us as individuals, and for Wanderlust Hollywood as an organization. 

The hard reality is that after careful consideration of the complex financial and operational realities we face, we’ve reached the heartbreaking decision to close Wanderlust Hollywood on May 30, 2020.  

The pandemic has hit businesses like Wanderlust especially hard. We don’t manufacture anything, but if we did, our “product” would be community — the very thing that this virus has made impossible. With sweat and love, we might scrape together the resources necessary to meet our short term obligations, but it’s the long-term uncertainty that makes it impossible to see a path forward for Wanderlust Hollywood.  While rent and utilities are apparently immune to COVID, all of the things that make the center a home-away-from-home for so many of us — yoga, food, cultural events — simply can’t happen at 6 feet apart.

Even as we close our physical doors, Wanderlust, and the vision it represents, is still very much alive. We look forward to staying connected through Wanderlust TV and our future virtual offerings, and hope that, once it’s safe, you will rejoin us at a Wanderlust festival or local event.  As you’ve seen, Wanderlust TV is already hosting daily live-streamed classes with your favorite Hollywood teachers. Teacher training programs will matriculate in alternate locations and with online content, where appropriate.

It’s been an amazing five years, and we’re proud to have reenvisioned the yoga studio as a place for gathering, culture and celebration.  We have collectively built a vibrant community around Wanderlust’s mission — find your true north. We couldn’t have done it without you. 



Paula, Schuyler & Sean


Here’s the Scoop for our Guests.

Since we’ll be unable to reopen after the COVID-19 mandated closure, here’s what to expect. As a reminder, you can log into Mindbody to review your transaction history.

Class Packages. If you have an active class package with classes remaining, you’ll be receiving a free code to use for Wanderlust TV to continue your practice online.  Nothing you need to do, but keep an eye out for the email with the code by the end of this week.  If you don’t hear from us, and believe you have remaining classes at the Center that have not already expired, please reach out to hollywood@wanderlust.com before May 25, 2020.  

Memberships. If you were on a membership, your membership was suspended on 3/16/20 and now will be canceled. If you had unused time on your membership because of our closure you’ll be receiving a free code to use for Wanderlust TV to continue your practice online. If you don’t hear from us and believe you had unused time, please reach out to hollywood@wanderlust.com before May 25, 2020.  

Teacher Training. Be on the lookout for an email from Schuyler she’ll be in touch with the options to complete your training. If for some reason you don’t hear from her by the end of next week, reach out to schuyler@wanderlust.com.

Gift Cards.  The value of all outstanding gift cards will be honored on Wanderlust TV. Please contact hollywood@wanderlust.com prior to May 25 if you wish to redeem for the Wanderlust TV credit.

CLOSEOUT SALE: information will be posted on our closeout sale on our website shortly, check back later if the post is not yet live.